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- Mistakes & Corrections -

I think I mentioned early on in starting this site that part of the intention was to show mistakes as well as successes.  I hate those TV home fix-up programs where they show this flawless renovation where everything goes smoothly the whole way though.  I highly doubt it works that way for the TV people, and I guarantee it didn't work that way for me.  I've made some phenomenal errors along the way, some very expensive, and some just a huge pain.  Some of them could have (should have) been prevented with a little homework, and honestly, some of them couldn't have been foreseen even with a crystal ball.  Anyway, nothing so far has been a show-stopper, but if this page helps anyone save some time or money, then it has served its purpose.

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Driveway/Survey Mistake - Short Answer:  Take NO ONE's word or "advice" on anything regarding property lines.

Structure Planning-1 - Short Answer:  Decide on a floor plan and stick with it.  Design changes on the fly

Structure Planning-2 - Short Answer:  Don't let your steep roof overhang your driveway (unless you enjoy shoveling, snow blowing or plowing).

Structure Planning-3 - Short Answer:  Maybe architects aren't such a bad idea regarding rafter design.

Structure Planning-3 - Short Answer:  Know how your upper structure will be supported so you can plan your foundation.

Scheduling and Weather - Short Answer:  Don't leave subfloor exposed to the elements for extended lengths of time.

Deck Construction - Short Answer:  Too much overhang can outweigh the rule of thumb on joist span.

Rock Landscaping - Short Answer:  Weeds and grass can grow ANYWHERE!.

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