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- I-Joist Kneewalls -
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Early June 2005:  After installing the garage door headers and the main beam, you can see that the top surface height was a few inches above the block wall.  I intend to rest the floor system flat rather than notching the joists, which would weaken them.  That understood, I needed to raise the level of the end walls to match the header/main beam height.  I built these little kneewalls to raise that level, putting double 2 x 6 supports on 19" centers - the same spacing as the floor joists .  The 24' span from the block wall to the center of the building is too long for a conventional floor joist setup, so I needed to choose between manufactured trussed and prefabricated I-joists.  I chose the I-joists for their strength and rigidity, plus the cost is significantly lower.  More on the floor system at a later date.

Cost:  I used the 2 x 6 lumber I had originally purchased to make a load-bearing studwall, splitting the 4-car garage in half.  Using jackposts was a much better plan, so the 2 x 6's for this job were left over; originally costing around $200.

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