1980 Holiday Rambler 30' travel trailer

(Hey, what can I say?  The price was right!)


Underlying all this off-grid, step-at-a-time home construction, is a plan to achieve complete debt freedom.  With debt freedom comes the luxury to work less and play more.  This world is way too hung up on working more so we can have more, which seems very wrong to me.  If you're working so much to afford nice things, when will you have time to enjoy them?  What about the friends and family you don't see because you're always working?  Sorry if that sounds like preaching, but that can't really be the "American Dream", can it?  Anyway, the RV...   Winter-friendly?

The RV is a 4-factor, money-saving investment:
    1.  A place to live while building the home.
    2.  A place to live if I travel for contract work (freelance or through agencies).
             a)  I design automation machines and equipment for a living.
             b)  Local (metro) and out-of-town contract work is common in this industry.
    3.  A means to finishing this project without a mortgage and remaining debt free.
    4.  I'll still have the RV for pleasure travel once the home is complete.


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