Building "off-grid"

- Inner Soffit and Knee Walls -
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Late August 2009:  I'm sick of bird crap.  There, I said it, it's out in the open now.  So how do they keep getting in, now that all the doors and windows are in?  They kamikazi it under the eaves, then have a hard time getting back out, so they crap everywhere!  Well, enough of that, it's time to finally cover those eave openings.  This was all done with scrap OSB and maybe some plywood, a nail or two, and some 'Great Stuff' expanding foam.  So take the first picture and multiply the effort x 47 eave openings per side.  It didn't cost much, but it took some time, and some really uncomfortable kneeling and lying down.

I'm finally able to start to get serious about the mechanicals (electricity, plumbing, heat/ac ducting), so it was time to put up the knee walls.  There's not much more to say about just had to be done so I decided on a height and did it.

Cost:  2x4's and screws - Maybe $75, but a fair amount of work.

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