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October 2009:  When most people insulate their attics, they want to make sure they keep an airflow from the soffit vent all the way to the peak.  This prevents condensation from building up on the OSB or plywood roofing sheets and rotting them out.  My entire home happens to be "attic", since it's all roof, so my task was a little more involved than most.

The common way to create that air gap these days is with a product called a "vent chute" or "vent baffle".  There are a variety of styles, all varying in price and material.  I chose a styrofoam style because it was cheap, light, easy to handle and as effective as any of the others.  The beginning part of the task was pretty easy - just hold and staple.  As they got higher up the wall, it obviously became tougher.  When it came time to get up to the peak - in the wide open area between the loft rooms - it got a little tricky, but the previously purchased microlam planks made very stable scaffolding.  The vent chutes are the tan things between the rafters.

Cost:  Vent chutes and staples - $150-$200.

Next up:  Insulation:  Bats! (Just in time for Halloween!)

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